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Anti Victoria

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 4:32 PM
Nickname: Anti

Age: 20
Nature: irken from the Anti-world (Anti-world is a bad and evil world) and she's a stalker!
Fave color: dark colors
Doesn't like: pffff everyone! but she has some exceptions!
Likes: snakes; hot, cute males and to annoy other people
Ability: summon her reaper and some dark magic things

Past: Anti is... well my bad side!

But here a story: Anti born in the Anti-world. All people in the Anti-world have blue skins. She was a child (4 years) kills her first victim with a knife, it was her kindergartener. Her parents are evil scientists and they are not really like a mother and father for Anti.
Then she was grown up and created a machine, which opens portal in other worlds. (You ask why, so because she doesn't want stay in this evil, mean world!)
So she found the normal world and it's much better then her own world. While her trip in the normal world she became green and later she met Victoria and got the nickname Anti.

The End!

note me if you have questions!


Anti Victoria by InvaderVictoria

/ ©2012-2017 InvaderVictoria
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September 14, 2012


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